Bitcoin har bragt nytænkning til betalinger og økonomisk inklusion: SEC-nomineret

Når det kommer til Bitcoin, er markedsopfattelser ofte delte med dem, der understøtter aktivet, og dem, der ikke gør det. Lignende lejre ser nu ud til at tage fat på amerikanske regulatorer og beslutningstagere.

At dele sit perspektiv på kryptosektoren

For nylig syntes præsident Bidens kandidat til formand for United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, at dele sit perspektiv på kryptosektoren. Gensler sagde, at kryptokurver „har været en katalysator for forandring.“

Taler med den amerikanske senator Mike Rounds under hans senatbekræftelse tilføjede Gensler:

Bitcoin og andre kryptokurver har bragt nytænkning til betalinger og økonomisk inklusion, men de har også rejst nye spørgsmål om investorbeskyttelse, som vi stadig har brug for.

Hans mening om krypto er i skarp kontrast til finansministeren Janet Yellen, der mente, at Bitcoin Future er „ekstremt ineffektiv til at gennemføre transaktioner“, og at det er et „yderst spekulativt aktiv.“ Det strider mod senator Elizabeth Warren synspunkter, der mener, at Bitcoin kun ville „ende dårligt.“

Men hvis Gensler bliver bekræftet, et skridt, som mange kryptoentusiaster ser frem til, planlægger den nominerede at arbejde for at „fremme den nye innovation.“

Bitcoin og kryptokurver har skabt nye tanker om betalinger

Jeg tror, ​​når jeg underviser på MIT om disse emner, at disse innovationer har været en katalysator for forandring. Bitcoin og kryptokurver har skabt nye tanker om betalinger og økonomisk integration, men de har også rejst nye spørgsmål om investorbeskyttelse … Hvis det bekræftes i SEC, vil jeg arbejde for at fremme innovation.

Han understregede hurtigt vigtigheden af ​​investorbeskyttelse og sagde:

Det er altid vigtigt at opdatere vores markedstilsyn til nye teknologier … Det er vigtigt at være tro mod vores principper om investorbeskyttelse.

Desuden sagde Gensler i sine indledende bemærkninger, at markeder – og teknologi – „altid ændrer sig“ og ikke må tages for givet.

Vores regler skal ændres sammen med dem. Jeg tror, at finansiel teknologi kan være en stærk styrke for altid, men kun hvis vi fortsætter med at udnytte kerneværdierne i SEC i tjeneste for investorer, udstedere og offentligheden.

Gensler er mest berømt kendt for at vidne før kongressen for crypto og blockchain flere gange tidligere. Han argumenterede endda imod forestillingen om, at krypto lignede Ponzi-ordninger.

Bitcoin’s 3rd parabolic rally in ten years! Rare? No, that’s historical

The Bitcoin price already cracked the 50,000 US dollar mark in the early morning hours and reached a high of $ 50,600 on the Bybit trading platform today before a strong sell-off followed.

This is not surprising as many traders point to the psychological resistance at $ 50,000. The pressure to sell is enormous and yet traders and well-known analysts are bullish like never before.

Peter Brandt: It’s not just rare, it’s historical

Peter Brand is one of the most popular traders in the crypto space and is notorious for his precise analysts and market assessments. A few hours ago he published a chart that shows Bitcoin’s third parabolic phase in the last ten years.

Big Picture $ BTC- Bitcoin is now experiencing its third parabolic surge in the last decade. A parabolic rise on an arithmetic scale is extremely rare – three on a logarithmic scale is historical.

The chart shows that Brandt expects a high of $ 240,000 in 2021. Sounds unlikely? Maybe, but the Bitcoin price has been moving since the end of 2020 like in the parabolic phases of the last rallies.

One all-time high is currently being cracked after the other and every psychological resistance level has so far been reached after several attempts. Be it the $ 20,000, $ 30,000 or the $ 40,000 mark.

Although the selling pressure at $ 50,000 should not be underestimated, most traders assume that this level can be cracked sustainably in the next few days, if not hours.

$ 100,000 USD per Bitcoin and more

Last year, a six-figure course level was unimaginable. It’s only a matter of time now. Bitcoins are withdrawn from exchanges on a weekly basis to store them in cold wallets, which means a decreasing supply.

Institutions no longer stand on the sidelines and watch, but step directly into the action. Microstrategy, Tesla, PayPal are among the best-known companies that buy bitcoins. But not only that! Grayscale buys more bitcoins weekly than miners can mine.

If you look at the big picture, this leads to an extremely tight Bitcoin supply in the long run. So should you buy Bitcoin now before other institutions get on board? [To buy Bitcoin with PayPal instructions ]

The big question is where the Bitcoin course will develop in 2021. What do the experts think?

Even Bitcoin’s biggest critic, Peter Schiff, who takes every opportunity to call Bitcoin a bubble, said in a tweet that it is entirely possible that Bitcoin will break the $ 100,000 mark this year.

Cryptocurrencies: Topic at the World Economic Forum in Davos

The topic of „Resetting digital currencies“ will be discussed in two sessions in Davos.

The planned agenda of the World Economic Forum in Davos includes two separate sessions on the topic of cryptocurrencies. This is another compelling sign that digital assets are mainstream consciousness.

The sessions entitled Resetting Digital Currencies place on Monday and Thursday instead

Five speakers will appear in the first session, including Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and Hikmet Ersek, President and CEO of Western Union.

Thursday’s group includes four speakers, including Tharman Shanmugaratnam, a senior minister in the Singapore government, and Zhu Min, chairman of the Beijing National Institute of Financial Research.

„COVID-19 has accelerated the long-term move away from cash,“ the prospectus reads for both meetings. „In the meantime, central bank digital currencies are emerging that may change the way people handle money around the world.“

It also says:

„What strategies, practices and partnerships are needed to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the rise of digital currencies?“

The five-day summit will be held in Davos, attended by some of the world’s leading figures from the financial sector and governments. The crypto currencies fall under the summit theme „fair economies“. Further topics are „Tech for Good“, „How to Save the Planet“ and „Healthy Futures“.

The World Economic Forum is trying to make blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies easier to understand. The Geneva-based organization even set up a cryptocurrency working group that released its first report just last month . This deals with the various use cases for digital assets „beyond price and speculation“.

The forum’s research has identified blockchain technology as a key driver for „sustainable digital finance“ . Blockchain and smart contracts, the researchers argue, can release „hidden values ​​from digital legacy systems“.

Central Bank Digital Currencies ( CBDCs ) are an area of ​​research that the forum has been studying for the past 18 months. In January 2020, the organization announced that it had developed a framework to help banks „evaluate, design and potentially deploy CBDCs.“ The framework was developed in collaboration with over 40 central banks, financial institutions and academic researchers.

La Foundation for Economic Education annuncia due importanti doni del fondatore di Roger Ver

19 gennaio 2020, Saint Kitts e Nevis e Atlanta – La Fondazione per l’Educazione Economica ( ) ha annunciato oggi che fondatore e investitore criptovaluta precoce Roger Ver ha fatto due doni un totale di $ 2.000.000 Bitcoin Freedom per sostenere il lavoro di FEE nel promuovere la libertà individuale e nell’istruzione degli studenti di tutto il mondo sui fondamenti morali ed economici di una società libera.

Il primo regalo da 1 milione di dollari supporta gli eventi principali di FEE nel 2021, il 75 ° anniversario di FEE, oltre a programmi per studenti aggiuntivi, inclusi libri e contenuti educativi online

Il secondo regalo da 1 milione di dollari assume la forma di una dotazione, che sarà una fonte perpetua di supporto per le attività educative di FEE.

Ver, che in precedenza aveva donato $ 1.000.000 in Bitcoin a FEE nel 2013, ha affermato di avere un debito intellettuale con FEE e sta facendo questa nuova donazione in un momento in cui crede che il lavoro di FEE sia più che mai necessario.

„Ero abbonato alla rivista di lunga data di FEE“ The Freeman „quando ero al liceo e devo molto del mio successo in Bitcoin a ciò che ho imparato leggendo sull’urgenza morale di avere un sistema monetario separato dallo stato vigore,“

ha detto Roger Ver . Lui continuò:

“Oggi stavo guardando in giro per il mondo e ho visto blocchi globali, inflazione, attacchi alla libertà individuale e ho pensato: ‚Chi sono le voci più importanti della libertà oggi?‘ FEE è in cima alla mia lista. Voglio aiutare FEE ad avere lo stesso impatto sulla vita di milioni di giovani che hanno avuto sulla mia „.

QUOTA – Qualsiasi cosa pacifica

Fondato nel 1946, FEE è il più antico think tank libertario negli Stati Uniti FEE celebra il suo 75 ° anniversario con eventi per tutto il 2021, tra cui FEEcon (ad Atlanta dal 17 al 19 giugno) e il gala del 75 ° anniversario di FEE il 19 giugno. Ogni anno, FEE raggiunge un pubblico di centinaia di milioni online e quasi 20.000 studenti attraverso programmi in aula nei college e nelle scuole superiori negli Stati Uniti e in America Latina.

Miss Bitcoin‘ launches charity project that will sell NFT art from celebrities

Mai Fujimoto’s Kizuna Kizuna donation platform is partnering with Enjin’s blockchain gaming platform to sell tokenized celebrity art.

The first cryptoevangelist, Mai Fujimoto, also known as Miss Bitcoin, partnered with the blockchain game ecosystem Enjin to launch Japan’s first non-fungible token, or NFT, a charity project.

Fujimoto was one of the first to adopt Bitcoin Profit technology and has been actively promoting cryptomoedas and blockchain since 2011. Besides managing Kizuna, she is an ambassador for the Binance charity and a consultant for several companies in the blockchain segment.

According to a January 18 blog post, the project’s first initiative will be the sale of token artworks by Japanese celebrities to benefit DxP, a non-profit organization that supports teens facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fujimoto believes that the project incorporates the Japanese concept of „Sanpo Yoshi“, or triple satisfaction. This describes transactions that are good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society:

„When fans buy NFT arts made by artists and celebrities, they can not only enjoy the art, but also contribute directly to the needy. I believe this NFT campaign will bring joy to many people, and I would like to thank Enjin’s team and the artists who agreed to join the initiative. ”

The initiative will be carried out through the cryptomorphic donation platform of Fujimoto, Kizuna. This was launched in 2017 to educate about the potential of blockchain and NFTs for common use, especially in the context of charitable donations.

Kizuna hopes to raise more than 2,000,000 yen ($20,000) from the sale, with celebrities donating artwork soon to be announced.

The Enjin platform provides tools for integrating blockchain technology into games and creating NFT assets that can be used in various games in the Enjin multiverse. Recently, it announced it would launch a series of Atari brand NFTs to restart the Kick Off series of soccer games.

Lawyers from „Mr. Bitcoin „appeal against a 5-year prison sentence

Alexander Vinnik has an appeal against his five-year prison sentence.

The defense lawyers of Alexander Vinnik, who is said to have laundered money on a large scale using Bitcoin and was sentenced to five years in prison , are appealing against the court ruling

According to a report by the Russian news agency Kommersant on December 18, Vinnik’s lawyer Frederic Belot has now officially appealed the decision of the French court. He justified this with the fact that Vinnik was not involved in the money laundering that he was accused of.

To this end, he refers to the judgment of December 6th, which states that Vinnik was „involved in money laundering as part of an organized criminal group“. However, Belot replies that a “criminal group” cannot consist of just one person. Accordingly, he argues: „The court has not named another person who should belong to this group.“

According to his lawyer, Vinnik was rather the victim of unknown „clients“ of the now closed crypto exchange BTC-e

Its function as part of the trading platform remains unclear. Belot says that Vinnik was „just a full-time trader who did not intentionally launder money.“

As „Mr. Vinnik, known as Bitcoin, is believed to be the co-founder of a global crypto fraud project that laundered more than $ 4 billion in funds. Three years after his arrest in Greece, the verdict against Vinnik was announced in early December 2020. Previously, the accused had repeatedly denied his involvement in the illegal project .

B Trade, Bitcoin Revolution e outros adicionados à lista de avisos da FCA

O cão de guarda britânico FCA divulgou os detalhes de várias novas empresas não regulamentadas, bem como de poucas empresas clones.

Os nomes das últimas adições à lista de alerta do regulador são as empresas B Trade, Bitcoin Revolution, uk, Financial and Fiduciary Services Ltd, Maven Investor, RBC Wealth Management, Max Recoveries, Nexus Wealth Management, Investor Checker, Cranstonfield Associates LLC, Cranstonfield Associates LLC, MDX 500, Fenix Funds / Retrom Ltd, Glider Trade Capital Limited, FR Savings, UK BONDS ADVISORY, Stanwood Corporate Partners,Find A Fixed Rate Bond, On Move Ltd trading, MyCommunityBankUK e Arbuthnot Securities.

De acordo com o órgão regulador, as empresas estão usando ou dando os seguintes detalhes:

B Negociação

Telefone: 07904161585; 07782858462; 07882684391; 02078801287

Revolução Bitcoin

Endereço: 9 Appold Street EC2A 2AP Londres
Telefone: 0203 2131 386

Endereço: Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Província, Mahe, Seychelles
Telefone: 0200 154 2258

Serviços Financeiros e Fiduciários Ltda.

Endereço: Trust Re Building 359, 28th October Street, Limassol 3107, Chipre
Telefone: +3 572 302 0601

Maven Investor (clone da empresa autorizada pela FCA)


RBC Wealth Management (clone da empresa autorizada pela FCA)

Telefone: 02080504365; 02070486061

Max Recuperações / Max Recuperações (Clone da empresa autorizada FCA)

Endereço: PO BOX 2245, Leeds LS11 1EJ
Telefone: 01133280654

Nexus Wealth Management (clone de empresa autorizada pela EEA)

Endereço: 86-90 Paul Street, Londres EC2A 4NE
Telefone: 02070487102, 02080898274

Investidor Checker


Cranstonfield Associates LLC

Endereço: 29 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10013, Estados Unidos
Telefone: +1 917 920 6242
Fax: +1 917 997 9430

Cranstonfield Associates LLC

Endereço: 29 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10013, Estados Unidos
Telefone: +1 917 920 6242
Fax: +1 917 997 9430

MDX 500

Endereço: Swissmill Tower Sihlquai 306, 8005 Zürich, Suíça
Endereço de e-mail:
Número de telefone: 41449747070

Fenix Funds / Retrom Ltd

Endereço: Bulgária, Distrito de Lovetch, município de Yablanitsa, Aldeia Dobrevtsi 5762, Georgi Benkovski No 42.
Endereço de e-mail:;
Número de telefone: +441512512531854; 07709525832: 01925201182: 01925201164

Glider Trade Capital Limited (clone da empresa autorizada FCA)

Endereço: 99 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 600 San Jose, Califórnia, CA 95113 Estados Unidos da América
Aurora – Espaços, 71-75 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, W5 5SL
RM1525 15F China Torre Mundial A No.1 Avenida Jianguomenwai, Distrito de Chaoyang, Pequim, 100004 China
Telefone: +442843032041

FR Poupança

Endereço: 28 Bedford Street, Londres, WC2E 9ED
Telefone: 0208 002 8776 / 0207 043 1928


Endereço: Eland House 10 Bressenden Pl Westminster London SW1E 5DR

AIX Investment Group

Endereço: Burj Khalifa, 146º andar, Centro da cidade, Dubai, Emirados Árabes Unidos
Telefone: +971 50 388 0341, +971 4 546 0000

Parceiros corporativos da Stanwood

Endereço: 173 Huguenot St., New Rochelle, New York, NY 10801 USA
Telefone: +19143035162
Fax: +1914144624254

Encontrar uma obrigação de taxa fixa

Endereço: 130 Old Street, Londres, EC1V 9BD
Telefone: 0207 183 0367

On Move Ltd negociando como mercado de taxa fixa UK Limited

Endereço: Jack’s place, Shoreditch London E1 6NN
Telefone: +442081443124

MyCommunityBankUK / My Community Bank (Reino Unido) (Clone da empresa autorizada pela FCA)

Endereço: Fore Street Avenue 1, London EC2Y 9DT; 138 Holborn, London EC1N 2SW
Telefone: 01632960489

Arbuthnot Securities/Arbuthnot Latham Private Bank (clone da empresa autorizada pela FCA)

Telefone: 020 7193 6510; +12028884505

Esteja ciente de que estas empresas podem fornecer outros detalhes falsos ou misturá-los com alguns detalhes corretos da empresa registrada.

An anonymous user solved the puzzle on 7 ETH

An unknown user received 7 ETH (~4200 at the time of writing) for solving a puzzle that started with a billboard in the Warsaw metro. Decrypt writes about it.

An advertisement with an Ethereum address and hashtags #0xPOLAND and #0xPOLANDHEIST appeared at one of the stations. It called on passengers to solve a puzzle to pick up 7 ETH.

According to the organisers, the Ethereum contract code required a „solve“ function to be called up and a secret phrase to be used to withdraw the funds. The prompts were published in a Twitter account called 0xPoland.

The first one contained the phrases „Tip: ^[A-Z].*.“ and „0x01ccfbfc“. One said that the message should start with a capital letter and end with a dot, while the other was about a part of the checksum.

There was a quote in the image attached to the tweet. She pointed to the song title of the Elffor music project. The participant had to get the first part of the secret phrase – „into the dark forest“.

A few days later, 0xPoland published another tweet. The phrase hinted at the work ‚Hitchhiking across the Galaxy‘, and a string of symbols required the quest participant to have programming skills. The result was the second part of the code – „down the rabbit hole“.

The final hint appeared in print and electronic versions of the Gazeta Wyborcza.

„A lot of daily newspapers rejected our announcement because they could not understand the concept of the puzzle and preferred to reinsure themselves,“ said the organisers of the quest.

The ad contained a telephone number. The participant received a recorded message with the missing parts of the secret phrase, which looked like it in full form: „From 0xPoland. Into a dark forest. In the rabbit hole. Where adventure awaits you.“.

The correct answer was recorded in the smart contract 21 minutes after the tweet was published.

The organisers explained that they were so keen to invite developers to join their team „to create a decentralised financial infrastructure“.

In January 2019, street artist Pascal Boyart drew a mural with an encrypted puzzle for 0.26 BTC (about $1055 at the rate at that time) to mark the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block.

Less than a week later, two Twitter users found 12 words to access their reward wallet.

Translated with (free version)

Bitcoin-betalingsprosessor lanserer ‚BitPay Send‘ for å tillate selskaper å betale med Crypto uten å ha de digitale eiendelene

BitPay har kunngjort et nytt produkt kalt ‚BitPay Send‘, som gjør det mulig for selskaper å foreta kryptobetalinger uten nødvendigvis å ha digitale eiendeler. Krypto-betalingstjenesteleverandøren målretter om å utvide sin kundekretsportefølje med BitPay Send for å bygge bro over gapet som eksisterer når det gjelder å betale for arbeidskraft eller tjenester i krypto.

Drevet av et blockchain-økosystem, er BitPay Send-plattformen bygget for å øke effektiviteten i kryptobetalinger og målrette selskaper i alle størrelser. Denne innovasjonen muliggjør enorme utbetalinger som de selskapene foretar til entreprenører, leverandører, kunder, tilknyttede selskaper og lønn til ansatte. Gitt den voksende naturen til den distribuerte økonomien, utgjør BitPay Send en ideell plattform for selskaper som henter talent, spesielt fra konsertøkonomien.

I de gjeldende systemene kan transaksjoner være ekstremt langsomme og kostbare, spesielt når det er involvert en grenseoverskridende operasjon. BitPay Send løser denne utfordringen ved å støtte kryptobetalinger døgnet rundt over hele kloden. BitPay-sjef, Stephen Pair, bemerket den høye frekvensen av adopsjon av blockchain-betalinger, noe han tilskriver det enkle å sende og motta betalinger globalt. Han la til at,

“Tradisjonelle internasjonale betalingsmåter er tungvint, kostbart og tregt. Med BitPay Send kan selskaper foreta store utbetalinger uten å måtte kjøpe, eie eller administrere krypto, og mottakerne mottar betalinger raskere og til en lavere kostnad. ”

BitPay Send er allerede i bruk av AdGate Media, som utnytter anlegget til å foreta kryptobetalinger til tilknyttede selskaper. I utgangspunktet påtar BitPay konverteringsrisikoen, mens AdGate bare gjør et fiat-innskudd utbetalt til et tilknyttet selskap i krypto. Dan Sapozhnikov, president for AdGate Media, var opptatt av å markere BitPay Send verdiproposisjon i deres bransje,

“Vi har mange tilknyttede selskaper som ønsket å få betalt i Bitcoin, spesielt de som er basert utenfor Nord-Amerika og Europa hvor tilgangen til bankkontoer er vanskelig …

å ha BitPay til å håndtere den risikoen var en viktig faktor i valg av BitPay Send. ”

Spesielt vil mottakere bare kreve en BitPay-ID og en kryptolommebok, derav hele forestillingen om å eliminere banker som mellomledd. BitPay, som har vært i drift siden 2011, har støtte fra fremtredende verdipapirforetak, som inkluderer Virgin Group, Index Ventures og Founders Fund.

Bitcoin’s Local Top Nailed?

Bitcoin’s Local Top Nailed? Gli analisti pesano sulle possibilità di correzione

Bitcoin si sta attualmente raffreddando da un massiccio passaggio a 18.450 dollari il 18 novembre e i mercati dei tori sono stati tradizionalmente intervallati da grandi correzioni. È possibile che si stia formando ora?

Dal suo epico passaggio ad un massimo di quasi tre anni ieri, il Bitcoin si è ritirato di circa il 4% ai prezzi correnti che si trovano nella zona dei 17.600 dollari. Sembra Bitcoin Rush che qui si stia consolidando, quindi un altro passo avanti potrebbe essere imminente.

D’altra parte, una correzione di dimensioni ragionevoli non sarebbe fuori questione, dato che i precedenti mercati dei tori hanno subito diversi ritiri del 30% più ritiri.

Scenari di correzione Bitcoin

L’analista e guru dei grafici Peter Brandt ha approfondito le possibilità di un grande pull back per Bitcoin, che dall’inizio di novembre ha raggiunto un monumentale 30% e ha raggiunto il più alto limite di mercato mai raggiunto.

Ha dichiarato che ci sono state nove correzioni significative durante l’ultimo mercato dei tori dal 2015 al 2017, con un calo medio del 37%.

Durante il mercato dei tori 2015-2017 in Bitcoin $BTC, ci sono state 9 correzioni significative con le seguenti medie:

37% di calo da alto a basso

14 settimane da un triestino a un altro triestino

Dai primi di settembre ci sono state due correzioni del 10%

– Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) 16 novembre 2020

L’ultimo del ciclo attuale risale ai primi di settembre, quando la BTC è passata da poco meno di 12 mila dollari a poco più di 10 mila dollari in quattro giorni. La correzione del 15% circa è stata meno della metà della media prevista dai cicli precedenti, quindi cosa possiamo aspettarci da uno più grande?

Un ritiro del 37% dai livelli attuali rispedirà i prezzi di BTC a circa 11.200 dollari, ma questo è ancora il 55% in più rispetto a Bitcoin all’inizio di quest’anno.

C’è anche la premessa che i ritiri non saranno così violenti durante questo ciclo di mercato a causa del fatto che i fondi istituzionali come Grayscale si stanno caricando sull’asset che generalmente abbassa la volatilità.

L’analista e l’ideatore del modello di stock-to-flow „PlanB“ ha dichiarato che questa volta sarà molto diverso perché;

„La grande differenza rispetto al 2017 è che la maggior parte delle BTC vendute oggi non vedrà mai più la luce del giorno, scompaiono nelle celle frigorifere. Gli acquirenti di oggi sono professionisti con una visione a lungo termine e una capacità di resistenza“.

Con l’aggravarsi dei problemi economici e lo svilimento delle banche centrali che sviliscono le monete di fiat, la tendenza a mantenere un asset deflazionistico è forte, soprattutto per le istituzioni con obiettivi a lungo termine e per gli investitori professionali che si stanno ancora caricando.

Dove andare nel breve termine?

La Bitcoin è scesa alla media mobile di 50 ore tre volte negli ultimi due giorni, ma al momento si sta consolidando al di sopra di essa.

Un ritiro più grande potrebbe riportarlo a sostenere circa il livello di 16.700 dollari a breve termine, e una grande correzione a 14.000 dollari dove si trova la media mobile di 50 giorni. Il lato positivo è che c’è molta resistenza fino al massimo storico di 20 mila dollari.